#FoodTherapy : Uncertainty ? Sip you Green Tea

When the world was turned upside down , people were forced to stay home and everything was in utter chaos and uncertainty loomed ahead the only thing to do was to sit back ,sip your tea and watch how it all unfolds .

The world was gripped by not just coronavirus but also by different fashion and food fads . The Dalgona coffee , the bake pasta etc . But all this while , the green tea stood quietly apart from the rest , waiting for world to realise its value .

It is the easiest thing to prepare and does not require long hours of whipping , or any fancy gadgets . All you need is hot water and the green tea bag of your favourite flavour . Why I stress on it been green tea and not anything else is because of the immense benefits attached to it .

Green tea is helpful in boosting your metabolism and keeping you energetic throughout the day . It’s known to prevent cardiovascular diseases . It’s filled with antioxidants . Even after use , the tea bags can be used to remove the bags under your eyes . Need I say more ?!

So the next time you need to make a decision , grab a glass of hot water , dunk a green tea bag in and find a quiet place to sit . Close you eyes , and as you ponder sip the tea . Let it fill you up with warmth and energy . I guarantee by the time you finish your drink you would have made your decision !

The End

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