#FoodTherapy : Why waffles are the Best !

The perfect way to start your day ,

is by having coffee and waffles on a tray .

What is it about this dish ,

that makes it better than eggs , bacon or fish

Squares within squares ,
you can have them standing or sitting on a chair .

Crispy , smooth and soft , eat it while it’s still hot !

The smell, as it cooks is so divine ,

you close your eyes and sigh “oh! How fine”

Toppings to choose from are aplenty ,

berries , maple , chocolate or honey .

I can never stop with two or three,

because it is my favourite breakfast you see .

Different from pancakes , croissants and toasts

because it combines taste and fun the most .

So anytime you feel sad ,tired or happy ,

whip up some batter and give waffles a try .

The End .

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